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NEW: Proud Distributors of the New HUWE® Hammer Union Wrench

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Improved RD Gangline™

Trinity Sling is pleased to introduce an improvement to its Regular Duty (RD) Gangline™ system, a patented temporary iron restraint system for pressure pumping and hydraulic fracturing.

The improved RD system has fewer pieces, is easier to install and train, and is the lightest temporary iron restraint system available.

The Gangline™ system is professionally engineered to limit the whip range of the pipe should a catastrophic failure occur to the flow line or union connections.  It offers a light, strong, quick installation solution for your peace of mind.

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Meeting Your Industry Needs

Are you looking for a convenient and cost-effective place to find highest grade industrial products? Trinity Sling is the right place to be. We are one of the leading providers of services and products for jobs related to construction, manufacturing, architectural, geosynthetic and a plethora of other industries. Our product line includes safety equipments, chain fittings and slings, plus a plethora of reliable and durable products. Our clients have always trusted us for the quality and rates that are hard to beat.

Trinity Sling is more than your North Texas full service rigging house. We can meet all your rigging needs...from chain slings to fall protection, to turnbuckles, but we are much much more. We have branched out into many different industries. Construction, Highway Guardrails, and the Tower Industry, just to name a few.

We are also more than just sales. We provide inspection services, including on-site visual inspections, pull testing, and chain sling repair. We deliver free locally. We also offer rig delivery in the Barnett Shale area.

We have competitive prices, a great product selection, and superior service. You're in good hands with our experienced sales associates. Give us a call today. We're open Monday through Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm (CDT).


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Trinity Sling Cements Role as Rigging Information Leader with Sales Training Program
Construction Crane

In recent months Trinity Sling has begun an ambitious sales training program to equip its sales representatives with the latest products and industry innovations from chosen suppliers of specialty wire rope, general purpose wire rope and strand, synthetic rope, lifting devices, rigging hardware, fall protection, and architectural cable railing.

During the course of the training, the sales team met with representatives from several different suppliers. The team examined in depth both the various products Trinity Sling distributes and the latest information on new product designs and product introductions/changes that could affect its customers.


January 9, 2017

Secure Loads in Winter Weather with Trinity Sling Tiedown Equipment

A well-secured load is critical in all types of weather, but winter temperatures can wreak havoc on drivers and cargo alike, causing life-threatening situations when loads aren’t tied down properly.  Unfortunate unsuspecting drivers on the road in Pittsburgh recently had to dodge the results of improper load securement, as a clip from CBS Pittsburgh’s KDKA TV illustrates:


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