DBI Sala/Protecta provides a full line of fall protection equipment such as full body harnesses, rope grabs, shock absorbing lanyards and achorages, anchorage connectors, beam anchors, carabiners, roof achors, wire rope slings, and self retracting lifelines.
Manufacturer of load securement systems for cargo control. Durabilt provides ratchet load binders, durapullers, lever operated hoists, compactor ratchets, ratchet/winch straps, lever load binder , and hooks & chains.
Elk River is a designer and manufacturer of personal fall protection for tower climbers. They provide body harnesses, lanyards and achorages, full rated snap hooks, rope grabs, carabiners, utility and bolt bags, rope bags and self retracting lifelines.
Supplier for a complete program of standard fittings for chain and steel wire rope. Manufacturer of high quality, high tensile shackles. Green Pin® shackles can be identified by the green colored pin and the marking on the shackle body and pin.
Manufacturer of Shorty J Crane Blocks, Quick Reeve Crane Blocks, Scrap Handling Blocks, Johnson J-Latches, Overhaul Balls, Swivels, Open Wedge Sockets, Snatch Blocks, Oilfield Blocks and Accessories, Wire Rope Sheaves, and Custom Engineered Products.

Klein Tools offers more than 3,800 different tools that include pliers, cable & bolt cutters, drill bits, drop lites, fish tapes, levels, measuring tools, safety products, tool bags and buckets, tool belts, wire pulling grips, wire strippers and wrenches.

Laclede Chain Manufacturing Company LLC is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of industrial chains. Hardware & Industrial products include all grades of breitling replica welded chain including overhead lifting chains, transportation tie down chains, high test chain, proof coil chain and several types of weldless chain.
Lincoln Hoist, the Original Ratchet Winch Hoist, brings you the most complete line of high quality industrial products such as cable lever hoists, and web strap lever hoists, ratchet hoists also known as ratchet comealongs. Various hook styles and cable/strap lengths are available.
Peerless specializes in all grades of versatile high strength, low weight, overhead industrial lifting chain and chain accessories, cargo securement, cordage & wire rope, and specialty OEM assemblies.
Petzl is a manufacturer of personal fall protection. They provide body harnesses, helmets, lanyards and energy absorbers, full rated snap hooks, rope grabs, carabiners, pulleys, anchors, packs and accessories, and headlamps.
Pewag provides load securement systems, high performance overhead lifting equipment, swivel locking hooks, self locking hooks, Clevis C Hooks, Clevis Shackles and is a leading chain manufacturer of Grade 100 and 120 chain slings.
Tractel Group specializes in lifting, material handling, measurement of tension and loads, suspended working platforms, building maintenance installations and fall arrest safety equipment. Also provide chain hoists, wire rope winches, and many other products.
WWR is a rope manufacturer providing high quality rope to customers needing high performance lifting, anchoring and pulling solutions. Providing wire to companies in construction, foundation drilling, container crane operations, oil field, and mining.
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