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Geosynthetic Slings

Trinity Sling has been a trusted supplier of slings to the Geosynthetic industry for over 10 years.  Our geo-sling is designed especially for the unique handling requirements of GCL and HDPE liners.

Although we can customize our slings to your exact specifications, typical for the industry‚Äôs requirements are 2‚Ä?x 12‚Ä?Endless slings with the following capacities:

Vertical:            3,280 lbs.
Choked:            2,624 lbs.
Basket:            6,560 lbs.

Safety Factor:   5 to 1

We maintain a large inventory of this size here in the US which enables us to provide product when you need it at a very competitive price.

To learn more about Geosynthetic Slings, please call for details 877.589.2404

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