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Can’t find a product you are looking for? TrinitySling brings you a solution custom created to meet your unique requirements. As one of the most reliable, recognized and experienced names in this industry, TrinitySling can cater to your request for custom wire rope slings. Take a look at our equipment range and select the most suitable type, length, angle-hitch and other hardware to create a custom wire rope sling. We will create a product right according to the specification you have provided.

Wire Rope Slings
Standard Eye Thimble Hook Crescent Thimble
pic pic pic pic
Slip Thru Thimble Button End Threaded End Pear Link
pic pic pic pic
Oval/Oblong Link Open Swedge Socket Closed Swedge Socket Open Spelter Socket
pic pic pic pic
Closed Spelter Socket Shackle Standard Eye Sliding Chokerpic Small Thimble Sliding Choker
pic pic
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