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  • Air Hoist Lines
  • Drill Lines
  • Tubing Lines
  • Geronimo Lines
  • Breakout Cables
  • Derrick Climb Safety Cables
  • Derrick Bridles
  • Pipe Pulling Chain Slings
  • Fall Protection Items
  • Custom Made V-Door Nets
  • Safety Hooks
  • Tong Snub lines
  • High Pressure Safety Cables
  • Well Head Chain Sling
  • BOP Slings
  • Single Leg Sliding
  • Choker Pipe Sling
  • Sandline
  • Slickline
  • Swabline
  • Raising Lines
  • Becket Block/Equalizing Sheave
  • DBI Sala SRL
  • Hose Hobble
  • Fist Grip


Specialized Industry Equipment

Trinity Sling offers strong products, experience and knowledge that are invaluable resources the oil industry requires and we are right here in the Barnett Shale where they are needed.

Trinity Sling is the most experienced full service facility operating in the Barnett Shale area and can offer rig delivery right to your job site. For more information, please call 877.589.2404 or email us @


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Raising Lines

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