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Test Certificates

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Certified Chains Require a legible tag

Per OSHA requirements, each chain sling we fabricate is identified with a steel tag that shows: the chain grade and size, sling reach, working load limit, serial number, and our name as fabricator. We also provide a Certificate of Test and Chain Sling Inspection Record Card for each chain sling. The Certificate contains all of the information provided on the identification tag, plus the Proof Test Load as required by OSHA regulations.  All of our chain slings meet or exceed applicable ASTM, NACM, OSHA, and ANSI/ASME requirements.

Trinity Sling, Inc. has no control over the use of any product. The usability and suitability of any product for use is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and/or end user. NEVER EXCEED THE RATED CAPACITIES.

Note: Equipment missing tags cannot be retagged without first being certified.

To learn more about our tagging process, please call 877.589.2404 or email us @

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