Road and Bridge

Road and Bridge

The US highways are often referred to as the arterial system of the nation’s economy. For the economy to grow, so must the U.S. highway system, and that growth is satisfied by large road and bridge projects. Expanded lanes, HOV lanes, new highways and loops, and extensive highway interchanges require heavy machinery, armies of workers and a lot of heavy lifting. Trinity Sling has supplied thousands of products to help make the heavy lifts for road and bridge construction more secure and efficient.


Federal funding makes most large highway projects possible. With that funding comes the “Buy America” requirement stipulating that all products used in federal highway construction projects be made in the USA. Trinity Sling has a full range of domestic products that make lifting heavy objects more efficient. Trinity Sling is a supplier of Washington Wire Rope used for crane rope and lifting slings. Columbus McKinnon (CM) supplies Trinity Sling with a vast variety of lifting hardware and chain. CM products include shackles, hooks, chain, and hoists required to make large road and bridge projects possible. Caldwell is a prominent supplier of specialty lifting devices including barrier clamps and spreader beams that speed work.


Traffic hassles and completion bonuses put pressure on the contractors of large road and bridge work to get the job done fast. Added to this pressure, the complexity of highway work makes planning work and scheduling deliveries of critical material difficult. The staff at Trinity Sling understands these issues and strives to meet the needs of construction customers. The service and delivery Trinity Sling provides help keep small issues from slowing down large projects. Trinity’s staff offers responsive and knowledgeable solutions to contractors’ needs. Trinity can quickly supply custom wire rope slings, and Trinity maintains a large inventory of domestic lifting hardware like clips, shackles, and hooks. Trinity Sling has its own sewing department and can provide custom synthetic lifting slings, as well. Trinity’s chain department uses CM-branded domestic chain that can be quickly customized to contractor requirements.


Road and bridge projects are usually very large and complex. The lifting requirements can be very challenging considering the size of the lifts and difficulties of existing traffic. Trinity Sling’s salesforce has extensive experience in assisting with these lifts. The salesforce can suggest products that speed the lifting and setting process, like spreader beams for large, awkwardly-shaped loads or special lifting devices like barrier clamps to speed up the movement of barriers. The right wire rope and crane blocks for a situation improve crane efficiency, as well, which Trinity’s front-line staff may recommend, depending on the job.


Highway signs and warnings posted near road improvements express concern for the well-being of workers on road and bridge projects. Trinity Sling offers many ways to help government projects protect workers from hazardous situations. Common fall protection products from DBI Sala include fall protection harnesses, lanyards and barrier lines, but DBI also offers a huge selection of specialty fall protection and rescue items, many of which Trinity Sling provides. Through Trinity Sling contractors can receive training on how to use these products correctly. Barrier cables made of 3/8” wire rope and wire rope clips are an important part of all road and bridge projects, and Trinity keeps these in stock.


Transportation is an important part of all construction projects. Heavy equipment like cranes and rigging must be moved to and from the construction site securely. Jersey barriers are moved throughout the construction process. Truckloads of rebar are delivered every day, and these items must be secured with high-quality tie-downs. Trinity Sling carries a large inventory of common tie-down products like ratchet binders and Grade 7 binder chains. Trinity Sling also carries large stocks of web tie-down, including 4-inch web straps and ratchet straps. For the heaviest of loads, ask Trinity Sling about grade 100 and grade 120 tie-down chains and ratchet binders made to customer specifications.


Daily Trinity Sling builds and ships solutions to customers across the U. S. and Canada. Project managers and construction supervisors rely on Trinity to resolve their job issues and fulfill pre-orders or last-minute requests for blocks, chain, crane rope, spreader beams, and other rigging. Trinity Sling is a one-stop-shop for rigging and rigging information, and Trinity’s experienced team is available from 8:00 am-5:00 pm CST at 877-589-2404.