Transportation and Trucking

Transportation and Trucking

The transportation industry influences every aspect of the US economy. It is the blood that pumps vital resources through the arterial veins of our nation’s highways. The safe transport of these products not only determines the financial success of a transportation company but also affects all those who share the road with them. Trinity Sling offers a wide variety of tie-down and load handling materials to transportation companies to keep costs down in a competitive market.

Full-Service Tie-Down Experts

Whether the type of transportation is long-haul trucking, local transport, hot-shot services, or equipment haulers, each needs a competitive source of high quality tie-down, strapping, and load handling items to keep its loads and company profits secure. Trinity Sling has a full line of web tie-downs, ratchet straps, winch straps, Grade 70 binder chains, and load binders for every tie-down situation.

Polyester Webbing and Chain for Trucking

The mainstay for trucking companies wanting to tie down loads is polyester webbing. Trinity Sling has low-cost and high-quality ratchet straps available in any length. Ratchet straps are commonly used on flat bed trailers, local delivery trucks, and hot-shot services. Trinity Sling also offers winch straps for flatbed trailers. If custom assemblies are needed for car haulers, roll-off trucks or any other application, Trinity Sling has a dedicated sewing department with a full line of hardware to outfit the job to customer specs.

For heavier loads or loads with sharp edges, grade 70 binder chains are the tie-down option of choice. Binder chains have always been the go-to product for equipment haulers. Binder chains in conjunction with lever binders are the most cost-effective way to handle difficult loads. Most companies have largely replaced lever binders with ratchet binders. The ratchet binders’ ease of use improves the tie-down process and reduces injuries often associated with traditional lever binders. For the largest, most difficult loads Trinity Sling has a line of both Grade 100 and Grade 120 binder chains and ratchet binders.

Custom Winch Lines and Swaged Wire Rope

Wrecker companies are also an important part of the transportation industry. Wreckers of all sizes require regular replacement of winch lines, tow hooks and other tie-down products. Trinity Sling uses the best domestic and imported wire rope sources for its winch lines. All winch lines are custom-made to customer specs. Roll-off trucks are also heavy users of winch lines. Trinity Sling can produce specialty swaged wire ropes for roll-off winch lines upon request.

Custom and Standard One-Way Slings

Transportation companies must not only secure their loads during transport, but they must also find a safe way to unload them upon arrival. When rolling stock isn’t an option for unloading, trucking companies usually look to lifting slings. Trinity Sling is a full line rigging house that can custom-fabricate wire rope or chain slings to meet most any need. One-way slings are becoming more popular for customers that ship products that require moving after a delivery has been made. The one-way sling can be a polyester web sling or a small diameter wire rope sling. These slings are packaged with the load and then left at the delivery site, not making the return trip. Trinity Sling offers a broad line of one-way slings, and Trinity has the capacity to handle large bulk orders.

Central Location for Convenient Access and Delivery

As trucking, long-distance hauling, and local industrial deliveries are subjected to increasing scrutiny and regulation, Trinity Sling’s rigging assists operators in making loads secure, regardless of the usage situation. Trinity has on-site crews that specialize in creating slings, outfitting straps, cutting to length, and sewing to specifications, depending on customer requirements. Trinity is centrally-located within the DFW metroplex to facilitate convenient access and delivery. With Trinity Sling, customers can feel secure about transporting goods throughout North America. Trinity’s technical experts are available at 877-589-2404 for information about handling any transportation project, from short-haul deliveries to long-haul assignments.