Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Today the oil and gas industry relies on wire rope and rigging for successful operations, as it has for over a century. For forty years Trinity Sling has distributed the highest quality wire ropes and slings to those same oil and gas service companies and drillers. Its location in Texas landed Trinity Sling (Trinity) in the epicenter of the fracing boom that has fundamentally changed the oil business. Ultimately, the employees at Trinity Sling know the new requirements of the oil industry so well because, frankly, they helped change it.

Standard and Custom Well Products

As Trinity Sling has learned through the years, the drilling rig is the heaviest user of wire rope products. Trinity supplies Washington Wire Rope for drill lines and air hoist lines. In addition to wire rope Trinity supplies Columbus McKinnon wire rope clips, shackles, and chain as its domestic brand. Trinity also offers European brands of high quality such as Green Pin shackles. Trinity supplies hardware and raw materials, like wire rope. for customers, but Trinity Sling also custom-fabricates slings for drilling such as BOP slings, well-head chain slings, derrick bridles and tong snub lines for those customers who would like slings made to order.

Service on the Pad

Well service for oil and gas wells presents special rigging needs that Trinity is perfectly situated to address. Tubing lines and sand lines are both available from Trinity in imported and domestic varieties. Additionally, Trinity Sling performs spooling services for tubing lines and can provide storage for those lines, as well. For those customers that are looking for overhead lifting assistance, Trinity can help, for it is also a leading distributor for Johnson-branded wire rope blocks. Trinity can also address pipeline restraint requirements for hydraulic fracturing, for Trinity Sling is the manufacturer and distributor of the Gangline™ system, a lightweight, easy-to-assemble temporary iron restraint system.

Sling Recertification and Fall Protection

Pipelines, refineries and oilfield-related manufacturing are heavy users of overhead lifting slings. Trinity Sling fabricates all sizes and types of lifting slings, including wire rope slings, chain slings, web slings, and round slings. Trinity Sling recommends regular recertification of all lifting slings. To assist with tracking and documentation we use InfoChip RFID tags on our fabricated slings. InfoChip provides an easy way to track and schedule annual pull tests and inspections.

Safety is a critical aspect of every part of the oil industry. To assist in maintaining the safest possible workplace Trinity Sling offers a wide variety of fall protection products and other related items. Derrick harnesses, SLR’s (or yo-yo’s), lanyards, and custom-made Geronimo lines are common workplace safety-related items Trinity provides. Trinity Sling has also designed a full line of pressure line restraints including Gangline™, hose hobbles, and the newly-developed Whip-Lash™.

Customer Service under Pressure

Service is a priority for all customers, but it is critical when the oilfield market is hot. Trinity Sling prides itself on its knowledgeable employees that can service customers quickly without sacrificing quality. Trinity speaks the oilfield language and always strives to meet its needs.


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