Spooling Services

Trinity Sling Provides Dallas / Fort Worth Mobile Rigging Delivery and Spooling Services for Overhead Lifting

Mobile Spooling

Trinity Sling (Trinity), a leader in overhead lifting rigging and services, offers local (DFW) rigging delivery to the jobsite and provides mobile spooling with quick turnarounds.

Trinity’s jobsite rigging delivery and mobile spooling service is Ideal for construction; road and bridge; manufacturing; oil and gas; tower and wind energy; and transportation and trucking. Trinity’s jobsite service ensures product is delivered quickly and machine downtime is minimized.

Trinity has been spooling since 2012. Our experts have ten years of experience spooling for cranes, workover rigs, and drilling rigs/equipment. We are the ONLY DFW shop that offers mobile spooling service, so when spooling is necessary to get the job done in DFW, Trinity is truly the one to call.

Trinity is DFW’s most experienced rigging house; we’ve been in business since 1979. A full-service rigging house, we offer standard and customized rigging for many different industries and job applications. We offer quick turnarounds and durable rigging that stands the test of time. And locally, we deliver the rigging straight to the jobsite. We are happy to spool the rope once it is delivered for a nominal fee.

Mobile Spooling

Trinity’s spooling service is thorough. It entails removing existing rope, re-spooling new rope to correct twist or drum issues, and straightening rope twists in crane blocks if necessary. We make sure that as we leave the equipment is ready to go, and customers are back in business.

Trinity can service and spool rope up to 1.375” diameter and 1600’ long; we are limited only by the weight of the rope. Trinity Sling is also able to add some end fittings in the field, but our ability depends upon the type of fitting. We certainly prefer to spool our own rope, but we will spool other rope. We provide a 10% discount on spooling when customers purchase our rope for the job.

Trinity provides next-day spooling and delivery service in the North Texas regional area. All are welcome. For pricing, quotes, or more information please call (local) 817-589-2404 or 877-589-2404.

Trinity Sling will help lift, move, and secure, whether that be trailer shipments, construction concrete, or a multitude of other heavy and expensive cargos. Trust Trinity to help carry the load.