Architectural Cable Railing


Architectural Cable Railing

Architectural cable railing provides a sleek look when it is integrated into popular modern architectural projects. Wire rope cables made from lustrous stainless steel are fashionable accents to both residential and commercial buildings. Architectural cable rails have a myriad of applications from decoration to hand rails. Clients recognize the true value of a cable railing system when they compare cost, ease of installation, and both functional and aesthetic results.


Architectural cable railing jobs take many forms: balustrades, stair rails, room dividers, hand rails, and decorative installations. These applications benefit from the resiliency of the stainless-steel cable and sophisticated look of the completed assembly. Cable railings can be pre-made by Trinity Sling, cut to a specific length, and finished with an array of end fittings. Trinity Sling cables use multiple termination types, and they are fabricated only after our technicians assist with any design issues. Trinity’s architectural cables are also constructed for quick installation, as the press Trinity Sling uses to affix the end fitting to the cable is smooth and permanent.


No matter the size of the project, Trinity Sling can fabricate cable railing jobs to exacting specifications. Whether the specs are for stadiums, boat docks, small patios, or most any build in between, the sales representatives at Trinity Sling have seen it all. While Trinity Sling does not design projects, Trinity’s staff provides answers to customer questions to help avoid common pitfalls within a project. For instance, when cables are tightened they can apply a tremendous amount of pressure to the balusters, causing the balusters to bow if the right design and material are not used. Incorrect baluster hole size is also a common issue, as size varies according to the type of termination. Trinity’s staff can also supply advice on tightening accessories like integrated turnbuckles, which are needed to keep long cable runs taut. The staff shares critical pointers with customers; for instance, when determining materials requirements for hand rails and stairwells the contractor should fully understand local codes before beginning a project, as code often determines requirements for the number and spacing of cables for each application.


Cable rails can be integrated with wood or steel balusters. Contractors can integrate a new project into existing structures by terminating new fittings into walls. The terminations available for railing jobs are seemingly endless, with hidden ends, turnbuckle bodies, eyelets and thread ends all available. End caps provide the finishing touch to a project, as they hide all the nuts and bolts used to tighten the cables.
Trinity Sling offers cable railings made from any size of cable. The most common sizes for commercial and residential projects are ¼” or 3/8” cable. The cable is specially designed to limit the amount of stretch after installation. The cable, terminations and all accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel that will retain a smart and finished look for years to come.


Trinity Sling has seen its cable installed in many interesting and beautiful ways. Cable railings integrated into hand rails on a boat dock provides security from the edge without blocking the sunset view. Wire rope cable rails installed on stairs offer protection and sophistication. Trinity Sling cables are not just for horizontal applications, however. Rows of stainless steel cable hung vertically from floor to ceiling can create a beautiful room partition. Whether customers are interested in dividing a room in a subtle, modern manner, optimizing a beautiful view, or providing a sophisticated safety solution, Trinity Sling’s stainless-steel cable rails provide a simple, strong result.


As Trinity Sling has seen architectural railings installed and customers pleased, it has learned that its attention to detail and its expertise is almost more valuable to customers than its cable. Trinity prides itself on its commitment to service and large-scale attention, even on a small-scale job. Please call 1-877-589-2404 for more information about and assistance with specific architectural rail projects; Trinity would love help outfit the next one on the list.


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