Dallas / Fort Worth Mobile Rigging Delivery and Spooling Services Now Available from Trinity Sling

Dallas / Fort Worth Mobile Rigging Delivery and Spooling Services Now Available from Trinity Sling

Trinity Sling now offers quick local rigging delivery and mobile spooling services in the D/FW area!

As a long-standing rigging industry leader and trusted provider, we at Trinity Sling realize the importance of getting out-of-service equipment up and running with minimal downtime. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get their jobs done on time and to their specifications, so we offer rigging delivery and mobile spooling services for a nominal charge, should that be necessary.

We outfitted our jobsite delivery and spooling turnaround business to cater to the needs of our customers in many different industries, among them:

  • Construction
  • Highway and Bridge Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Pressure Pumping and Hydraulic Fracing
  • Tower and Wind Energy
  • Transportation and Trucking
Mobile Spooling

We tailored our business to your requests so that our rigging gets to you as quickly as possible and we get your equipment back up and running. Our specially-engineered spooling truck spools

  • Wire rope for cranes, workover rigs, and drilling rigs/equipment, and
  • Tubing line on workover rigs.

Trinity Sling is not new to mobile spooling; we’ve been doing it since 2012. Our expert employees have ten years’ experience spooling wire rope. And we are the D/FW choice for jobsite spooling, as we are the ONLY rigging house that offers the service in D/FW. We take our job seriously and work quickly to make you happy.

For more information about our service, such as what steps it entails, rope dimensions and length, etc., click here or call 817-589-2404 (D/FW) or 877-589-2404.

Trinity Sling Provides Architectural Cable Railing for Southwest Airlines’ “Wings” Facility at Dallas’s Love Field

Trinity Sling Provides Architectural Cable Railing for Southwest Airlines’ “Wings” Facility at Dallas’s Love Field

Arlington, Texas -–  Trinity Sling Authority (Trinity Sling) today released photos of modern, custom architectural railing constructed for Southwest Airlines’ new flight training facility at Dallas’s Love Field–the “Wings” project. The railing was constructed and installed by GST Manufacturing (GST) using architectural cable provided exclusively by Trinity Sling and under the project management of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. (McCarthy).

Streamlined and Secure

The pictures reveal railing that’s both beautifully modern and low-profile. Such a streamlined aesthetic is well within Trinity Sling’s capabilities. “We manufacture and install architectural cable railing for many different applications. From large commercial jobs like stadiums and highway guardrails to smaller commercial jobs like office and residential stairs and porch railing, we do it all,” notes Bobby Allen, VP—Trinity Sling. “We pride ourselves on providing secure, up-to-date architectural cable solutions to customer specifications.”

Architectural Cable Railing
Corner detail of Trinity Sling architectural cable installed in GST Manufacturing railing in Southwest Airlines’ Wings Flight Training Facility. (© Trinity Sling 2018—Project of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.)


Natural Fit for Southwest Airlines’ Wings Flight Training Facility

Trinity Sling has been creating and installing architectural cable railing for a long time. Since 1979, when the company was founded, Trinity Sling’s core business has focused on the wire rope/cable with which the railing is constructed. The company has grown into a centrally-located DFW Metroplex provider of rigging to diverse industries throughout North America. Cable railing is only one of many product offerings within the Trinity Sling one-stop shop. The company also provides other rigging for Construction, Manufacturing, Oilfield and Fracing, Transportation, Road and Bridge, and Tower needs.

The Southwest Airlines Wings flight training facility construction project was a natural fit for Trinity Sling, because GST needed a cable supplier who could custom-fabricate the cables to specifications and supply to McCarthy’s specifications on a grand scale. Trinity Sling was more than up to the task. The facility’s large architectural cable quantities, quick turnaround times, and precision detailing around corners and columns was no problem for the technicians in the Trinity shop. The riggers at Trinity created special, custom solutions for the project that gave GST’s railing the coverage it needed in tight spots that seemed impossible to negotiate seamlessly. And yet, the tight spots were maneuverable, thanks to Trinity Sling.


Dependable North American Construction Rigging Source

As the Dallas/Fort Worth construction community and other industries it serves have noticed, Trinity Sling produces agreed-upon results to specifications on time. The company’s reputation is the source of good supplier relationships across industries, which directly affects customer satisfaction, project partner satisfaction, and the long-term viability of its wire rope slings, cables, and other rigging. Although Trinity ships many oilfield restraint systems, highway cables, and transportation hardware and rigging across North America, the company is based in Texas and satisfies Texas customers all day long. Trinity has capacity to grow as the needs of business dictate. It is poised for additional business that customers require. Trinity has planned for change.


Helping Customers Build to Specifications from the Ground Up

As project needs grow more and more customized, Trinity is ready. As with the Southwest Airlines Wings flight training facility build, the experts at Trinity Sling know that every project is different. The technical team at Trinity Sling is prepared to help figure out tolerances, weight load limits, general equipment needs, and solutions to common project complications. The Trinity group has decades of experience working in the field and learning the rigging business first-hand. Their help enables customers to avoid common problems and get their jobs done quickly to specifications.

To find out more about Trinity Sling, its rigging offerings, and its technical support, click here or call 877-589-2404 Monday-Friday between 7:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. CST.


Trinity Sling Cements Role as Rigging Information Leader with Sales Training Program

Trinity Sling Cements Role as Rigging Information Leader with Sales Training Program

In recent months Trinity Sling has begun an ambitious sales training program to equip its sales representatives with the latest products and industry innovations from chosen suppliers of specialty wire rope, general purpose wire rope and strand, synthetic rope, lifting devices, rigging hardware, fall protection, and architectural cable railing.

During the course of the training, the sales team met with representatives from several different suppliers. The team examined in depth both the various products Trinity Sling distributes and the latest information on new product designs and product introductions/changes that could affect its customers.

The Trinity sales team made sure they understood the customer implications of sourcing, design, new introductions, and potential new applications for existing inventory that they may not have considered previously. The representatives kindly supplied a wealth of detail and information to ensure Trinity’s rigging customers are current on updates and to continue a good working relationship for mutual benefit.

Trinity Sling is particularly interested in staying abreast of rigging product knowledge and new rigging developments, as Trinity is devoted to being the rigging house to call with questions concerning many different industries: construction, manufacturing, pressure pumping and hydraulic fracing, fall protection, tower and wind energy, highway guard rail, geosynthetics, cargo, and architectural railing.

Because Trinity Sling supplies lifting, moving, and securing products that serve a wide, dynamic industrial customer base, its suppliers are equally diverse. Below is a partial, broad listing of rigging solutions these companies supply Trinity (in chronological training order):

  • Caldwell (Lifting solutions)—Industrial lifting devices like Strong-Bac® below hook lifters, Univac® vacuum lifters, Posi-turner® load rotation equipment, Mill-Duty Heavy and Severe Lifter spreader beams, and other lifting solutions.
  • Deacero — General purpose wire rope, imported wire rope, tubing line, sand line, and drill line, both imported (Deacero) and domestic (Washington Wire Rope). All Washington Wire Rope products are manufactured domestically in Houston, Texas in an API-9A and API-Specification Q1-certified and ISO 9001:2008-compliant production facility.
  • Yale — Many synthetic rope choices, including Ultrex™, Yalex, Double Esterlon™, Kernmaster™, Fortis2 Sling, and Yale LOUPS for multiple industrial applications, including pressure pumping, utility line, hydraulic fracturing, manufacturing, etc.
  • Gunnebo Johnson — Blocks and associated lifting hardware, including: crane blocks, overhaul balls, swivels, wedge sockets, snatch blocks, oilfield blocks, travelling blocks, tilt wall blocks, bale blocks, and wire rope sheaves. Gunnebo Johnson also provides Trinity with GrabiQ™ alloy chain sling multifunction components.
  • Magna — Lifting devices for many industrial applications, including chain hoists, lever hoists, wire rope pullers, beam trolleys, and beam clamps.
  • Columbus McKinnon (CM) — General rigging hardware & electric hoists, plate clamps, Master Link and Grade 100 domestic chain, Herc-Alloy® chain and Herc-Alloy® chain rigging products. CM also supplies Trinity with Transportation Chain and attachments, including cluster assemblies for towing and load and lever binders for heavy hauling. Additionally, CM provides Trinity Sling with hardware, such as shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, hooks, sockets, swivels, and thimbles.
  • Van Beest — Green Pin®, Excel®, and other rigging materials including hooks, shackles, swivels, wire rope clips, turnbuckles, sockets, and thimbles.
  • Verope — Specialty wire rope for crane applications, including Verotop, Veropro, and Veropower. Recommended for use on Comansa, Demag, Kone, Liebherr, Soilmec, Tadano, and Terex equipment.
  • Associated Wire Rope and Rigging (RopeBlock) — Blocks for construction and industrial uses, including fast reeve crane blocks, standard reeve crane blocks, overhaul balls, overhead crane blocks, snatch blocks, tilt wall blocks, construction blocks, and equalizer blocks. Other components available include sheaves, hooks, latches, swivels, and sockets. Recommended for use on Liebherr equipment, among others.


Trinity Sling’s sales team has built a wealth of knowledge and experience over decades spent helping our customers take care of their rigging business:


  • Trinity helps many manufacturers streamline production processes with appropriate blocks, beams, wire rope, chain, and end fittings with little downtime.
  • Among Trinity’s satisfied hydraulic fracturing and oilfield customers are outfits located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Eagle Ford Shale, Permian Basin, Niobrara Shale, Barnett Shale, Marcellus Shale, Alberta, and British Columbia. Trinity provides Gangline™ iron restraint systems, sand line, drill line, tubing line, and various means to rig-up and rig-down quickly and easily.
  • Trinity provides synthetic straps and their fittings, as well, to ensure worry-free movement. Trinity Sling’s lifting solutions enable its customers to lift and move extremely heavy cargo as necessary at the speed and with the facility the customers require.
  • Trinity Sling provides fall protection equipment and associated cables for tower and wind energy workers nationwide when customers have lifting situations that require non-chain or cable lifting equipment, as with locomotives or rolls of plastic.
  • Trinity provides architectural (or cable) railing systems, as well, for both large-scale commercial and also residential customers. From tilt-wall surrounds to porches and stairwells, Trinity makes the railing systems look sharp and professional while building them to customer requirements.


Trinity Sling has many solutions to suit the lifting, moving, and securing business needs for companies in many industries. Call 1-877-589-2404 today to place an order or learn more about how Trinity can help your business grow.