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Wire Rope Products


Looking for wire rope? Trinity Sling has been known as the go-to supplier for overhead lifting supplies and rigging for decades. Since its inception, Trinity has produced rigging and lifting solutions for many different industries, like construction, manufacturing, oilfield and fracing, transportation, and architectural railing. Today, the company continues to expand its reach, supplying across North America while calling North Texas home.

Trinity Sling distributes the highest quality wire rope both from domestic and European manufacturers. Trinity’s domestic supplier, Washington Wire Rope, manufactures general purpose and oilfield ropes in the USA to industry standards. Among their products that Trinity carries are crane ropes, drill lines, sand lines and tubing lines for construction and oilfield applications. Trinity also carries Verope-branded crane ropes, European-engineered specialty ropes for all types of cranes used in construction and manufacturing.

Trinity Sling has built strong vendor relationships with Washington Wire Rope and Verope in order to be a great supplier both to our new and existing customers. Our staff understands deadlines and RFQs and works diligently to partner with our customers to provide products of high quality that they can count on.


General Purpose

General Purpose 6 x 19
6 X 19 EIPS IWRC BRT (Standard Bright)
General Purpose 6 x 36
6 x 36 EIPS IWRC BRT (Standard Bright)



Galvanized Vinyl Coated Cable (7 x 19)
Galvanized Vinyl Coated Cable (7 x 7)
6 x 19 EIPS IWRC Galvanized
6 x 36 EIPS IWRC Galvanized


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel 6 x 36
Stainless Steel Cable 7 x 19 (Types 316 and 304 – Not for Aircraft Use)


Crane and Specialty High Performance

– Rotation Resistant
19 X 7 Rotation Resistant
19 X 19 Compacted Strand – High Strength Rotation Resistant


Oilfield Rope

Tubing Line
Drill Line