Trinity’s Rigging Experts



Trinity Sling’s Rigging Experts

Trinity Sling produces and sells rigging that spans industries and the North American landscape thanks to the professional and diligent work of our expert team. Drawn from careers in oilfield, engineering, wire rope production, construction, manufacturing, and other industrial pursuits, the group manufactures and distributes excellence and consistency in its work.


Quick, Great Service

Our team has learned what’s important during its wealth of long-term associations with rigging and the industries it feeds. They know customers need jobs fast. That’s why they do everything in their power to get needed slings, wire rope, chains, fittings, straps, custom orders, Gangline® systems, spreader beams, and other necessary supplies to the job site ASAP. Customer deadlines are theirs. The team has lived life in the field first-hand and knows what’s at stake.


Reliable and Trustworthy

Trinity Sling’s expert sales team can handle any customer question, so give them a call—they will take care of all aspects of rigging for a job. Put concerns aside and contact the experts at Trinity Sling for help on the job providing rigging that lifts, moves, and secures heavy equipment for customers, who put their trust in the team over and over again.

Contact Our Experts

Lori Hawes, Trinity Sling Rigging Expert
Lori Hawes

Lori Hawes has been in the inside sales role for more than 15 years. She has a background in Structural Fasteners and a Level 1 Riggers Certification. Lori takes pride in her work by providing excellent customer service, delivering quick response times on quotes and confirmations, and ensuring proper follow up so customers are able to make purchases and receive their orders promptly. Lori brings an upbeat and energetic personality to her role as inside sales associate and is always ready to help the customer.

Contact Lori Hawes directly at 817-589-2404, Ext.126 or at

Robert Todd

Inside Sales

Robert Todd has worked with Trinity Sling for 17 years—15 of which he spent in a Production Manager role. He is now greatly utilizing his strengths in Inside Sales, where he is enjoying the opportunities to interact with companies and offer his expertise to see them succeed.

Contact Robert Todd directly at (817) 589-2404, Ext.127 or at

David Caldwell, Trinity Sling Rigging Expert
David Caldwell

David has 13 years of combined experience in Rigging Sales, Construction Sales, Construction work and Safety. He holds a variety of certifications which include the OSHO 510 and 500. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge of rigging and teaching rigging awareness classes. David has worked side-by-side with many of our local trades and is aware of the need in providing the correct rigging product for the application. He enjoys problem solving and providing the best customer service to help our you receive the correct product so they can work efficiently.

Contact David Caldwell directly at 817-589-2404, Ext.137 or at

Glenn Sims

Outside Sales

Glenn is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with customers in various industries (including highway and bridge construction, tilt wall and multilevel construction, precast industries, steel fabricators and erectors, crane rental and service, and manufacturing and production), and he oversees projects from conception to completion. He is certified with Capital Safety as a Fall Protection Competent Person and is able to inspect and recertify fall protection equipment and devices. Glenn’s 20+ years of experience in and around the construction industry allow him to provide outstanding customer service and problem solving skills…

Blesson George

Sales Engineer

Blesson George is a Mechanical Engineer with over 7 years of engineering experience in the oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing industries in the USA, India and the Middle East. He has been involved with testing of wire rope and rigging equipment and has extensive knowledge of testing procedures and certification requirements. He has a true passion for sales and the rigging industry, and we are honored to have him on our team.

Bobby Allen

Vice President

Bobby has more than 20 years of experience in the industrial supply business, including the manufacturing, construction, and oil field segments. Since its beginning, he has been closely involved with the Gangline™ Temporary Pipe Restraint System; he was especially instrumental in Gangline™ design and development. He has worked with many well service providers since then, successfully integrating the Gangline™ System into the providers’ pressure pumping operations.

Bruce Hartin


Bruce Hartin has grown up in the rigging industry. With both an MBA and hands-on rigging experience, he took over leadership of Trinity Sling when his father, Trinity’s founder, retired in 1999. Under Bruce’s leadership, the business has grown, adding new products and lines of business to complement Trinity’s core rigging strength. Bruce prides himself on being an active part of the business, constantly innovating and watching industry and global trends to stay on the pulse of change for his customers. In fact, a customer’s request for help led him and a partner to create and acquire a patent for an oilfield and hydraulic fracturing restraint system, now well known as the Gangline™ Temporary Pipe Restraint System. He looks forward to many more years of innovation for the changing industries that Trinity serves.