Trinity Sling Vendors

Caldwell (Lifting solutions)—Industrial lifting devices like Strong-Bac® below hook lifters, Univac® vacuum lifters, Posi-turner® load rotation equipment, Mill-Duty Heavy and Severe Lifter spreader beams, and other lifting solutions.

Deacero — General purpose wire rope, imported wire rope, tubing line, sand line, and drill line, both imported (Deacero) and domestic (Washington Wire Rope). All Washington Wire Rope products are manufactured domestically in Houston, Texas in an API-9A and API-Specification Q1-certified and ISO 9001:2008-compliant production facility.

Yale — Many synthetic rope choices, including Ultrex™, Yalex, Double Esterlon™, Kernmaster™, Fortis2 Sling, and Yale LOUPS for multiple industrial applications, including pressure pumping, utility line, hydraulic fracturing, manufacturing, etc.

Gunnebo Johnson — Blocks and associated lifting hardware, including: crane blocks, overhaul balls, swivels, wedge sockets, snatch blocks, oilfield blocks, travelling blocks, tilt wall blocks, bale blocks, and wire rope sheaves. Gunnebo Johnson also provides Trinity with GrabiQ™ alloy chain sling multifunction components.

Magna — Lifting devices for many industrial applications, including chain hoists, lever hoists, wire rope pullers, beam trolleys, and beam clamps.

Columbus McKinnon (CM) — General rigging hardware & electric hoists, plate clamps, Master Link and Grade 100 domestic chain, Herc-Alloy® chain and Herc-Alloy® chain rigging products. CM also supplies Trinity with Transportation Chain and attachments, including cluster assemblies for towing and load and lever binders for heavy hauling. Additionally, CM provides Trinity Sling with hardware, such as shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, hooks, sockets, swivels, and thimbles.

Van Beest — Green Pin®, Excel®, and other rigging materials including hooks, shackles, swivels, wire rope clips, turnbuckles, sockets, and thimbles.

Verope — Specialty wire rope for crane applications, including Verotop, Veropro, and Veropower. Recommended for use on Comansa, Demag, Kone, Liebherr, Soilmec, Tadano, and Terex equipment.

Associated Wire Rope and Rigging (RopeBlock) — Blocks for construction and industrial uses, including fast reeve crane blocks, standard reeve crane blocks, overhaul balls, overhead crane blocks, snatch blocks, tilt wall blocks, construction blocks, and equalizer blocks. Other components available include sheaves, hooks, latches, swivels, and sockets. Recommended for use on Liebherr equipment, among others.