US manufacturing is growing again in the US as large industrial and high-tech firms rethink how products are made for American and international customers. When larger industrial companies grow, so do the smaller fabricators and machine shops that supply them. From the largest steel mills to the smallest welding fabricators, most manufacturers require overhead lifting equipment and rigging to perform their tasks safely, and Trinity Sling is here to help.

Automobile manufacturing continues to increase in the US. Both domestic and foreign manufacturers are lured to the US by the American skilled workforce, movement which, in turn, increases steel production at US steel mills. Freight trains and other heavy transportation production then experience a corresponding uptick. Each of these fundamental industries subsequently utilizes smaller companies to provide products, fixtures, and services. Throughout the process manufacturers use overhead lifting slings and associated rigging from Trinity Sling to assist in accomplishing the tasks securely.

Energy Lifting Needs

The energy market is changing and growing in the US, as well. Many US power generation plants have made the change to natural gas from coal, requiring large retrofits of existing infrastructure. Manufacturers benefit from both the retrofit and from lower energy prices. Wind energy is also playing a more important role in the energy infrastructure. The huge blades must be fabricated and transported, and generators must be built and hoisted to great heights, all of which increases US industrial production.

These heavy industry and large manufacturers require heavy lifting capabilities to manufacture their goods. Overhead cranes used to move large loads down the production line require wire rope and crane ropes for lifting. Manufacturers also need the winches and blocks that accompany the cranes. All cranes, whether jib cranes, overhead cranes, or mobile cranes, will need the wire rope slings and wire bridles available at Trinity Sling to connect to the load.

Trinity Sling Rigs Heavy Manufacturing

Hydraulic fracturing has improved manufacturing demand, as well. Manufacturers continue to build larger and more sophisticated drilling rigs used for horizontal drilling. The number and size of the pumps used for fracturing continue to grow.

Once oil is out of the ground it must be transported. The trucking, railway, and pipeline services all benefit from the new-found treasure of domestic oil and gas. As the oil and gas industries ramp up production, most heavy manufacturing businesses benefit, as well.

Chain slings are an excellent alternative to wire rope slings for these and other manufacturing operations. Chain slings are durable against sharp edges, easier to visually inspect, and tolerant of high temperatures. Manufacturers may also need a more delicate sling for some items, in which case Trinity Sling recommends synthetic web slings.

Inspections, (Re-)Certification, and Online Record Access

All manufacturers are very careful of their safety records and are diligent in preparation for OSHA inspections. Overhead lifting may create hazards, the risk of which can easily be mitigated but which can be catastrophic should they occur. For this reason, manufacturers are very careful in maintaining their overhead lifting equipment and rigging. Regular inspections and recertifications of lifting gear are common to all manufacturer safety programs.

Trinity Sling can assist manufacturers of all sizes with safety inspections. On-site visual inspections as well as off-site recertifications may be recorded in InfoChip® for ease of tracking and documenting. All slings provided by Trinity Sling are available with InfoChip®-branded RFID chips to make inventory simple to maintain, track, and investigate at EOY or at any time using an internet-ready device.

Large In-Stock Supply of Rigging

Trinity Sling maintains the largest stocking levels among North Texas rigging suppliers and is situated for quick delivery on any parts on order. Standard items like shackles, clips, wire rope, and chain are stocked deep for quick delivery. Additionally, Trinity Sling supplies special-order products like spreader beams, custom hooks, lifting platforms, and fixtures from trusted manufacturers like Caldwell.

Trinity Sling is prepared to help any manufacturing situation rig its operations for success. Trinity realizes the time, location, and budget challenges that both small and large companies face when under pressure to complete a job and meet deadline. Trinity Sling has been in manufacturing since 1979 and has a wealth of continually-changing devices designed to make a manufacturing job easier. Please call 877-589-2404 or click Contact Us in the menu bar to get help with any challenges, part requests, or rigging problems for a current job or any other. Trinity Sling can help.