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Certificates for Passing Inspection and Test

All slings are fabricated, inspected, tested and certified according to, and rated capacities are based upon the following (as applicable). Federal Specifications ASME B30.9, The Wire Rope Technical Board’s “Wire Rope Users Manual?and “Wire Rope Sling Users manual. Only slings passing the test are certified.

RATED CAPACITY: The load which a new assembly may handle under given operating conditions and at an assumed DESIGN FACTOR.

PROOF TEST: A nondestructive tension test made by the assembly Manufacturer to verify the construction and workmanship of the individual assembly(s).

NOMINAL STRENGTH: The published (catalog) strength calculated by a standard procedure that is accepted by the industry.

Trinity Sling, Inc. has no control over the use of any product. The usability and suitability of any product for use is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and/or end user. NEVER EXCEED THE RATED CAPACITIES.

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