Master and Pear Links (Wire Rope)

Master and Pear Links (Wire Rope)


Links for rigging applications are usually built into a multi-part (multi-leg) wire rope sling. Multi-leg slings are great for lifting loads using a single lifting connection on one end and up to four connections on the load. Because the link connects all the legs of the sling together it must be rated to hold the combined capacity of all of the legs. Slings married together with a master link are considered one sling and will be tagged with the combined capacity of all the legs. The tag will also include Working Load Limits (WLL) for various horizontal lifting angles.


Made to ASME Standards

Overhead lifting links must be manufactured and used in accordance with ASME B30.26, which requires links to be marked with a rated capacity and size. The ASME standard also sets a limit of 120o maximum horizontal lifting angle for legs made into the eye. Not all steel rings are suitable for overhead lifting. A common practice of welding or adding handles to rings is NOT allowed by the ASME standard and is cause for removal from service.


Many Link Sizes and Types Available

Trinity Sling offers rings in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Oblong and pear rings, also known as pear links, are Grade 80- or Grade 100-rated rings. Trinity Sling also supplies wide master rings that will fit over large hooks. Trinity Sling is proud to distribute master rings from Columbus McKinnon and Gunnebo.

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Master and Pear Links (Wire Rope)