Wire Rope 19 X 7 Rotation Resistant

Wire Rope 19 X 7 Rotation Resistant


Wire rope designed specifically to prevent spin, or rotation, when transporting a load. Designed for both single-part and multi-part applications that require no rotation, the 19 x 7 involves 6 strands of wire that lay in one direction around an inner core strand and an outer layer of 12 strands that lay in the opposite direction. This construction minimizes torque and the accompanying spin in any one direction. Used for hoisting single- or multi-part loads that require minimal rotation (elevator assemblies, crane assemblies, oil field and fracing applications, and excavation). Available through Trinity Sling from domestic and imported rope suppliers and customizable in different lengths and diameters.


Wire Rope 19 X 7 Rotation Resistant Specs

1/2  EIPS 10.8 tons  .45 / ft
9/16  EIPS 13.6 tons  .58 / ft
5/8  EIPS 16.8 tons  .71 / ft
3/4  EIPS 24.0 tons  1.02 / ft
7/8  EIPS 32.5 tons  1.39 / ft
1  EIPS 42.2 tons  1.82 / ft


19 x 7 is recommended for hoists using a single-part line.

The rotation resistant properties of 19 x 7 are greater than 8 x 25.

Actual operating loads may vary – NEVER exceed the recommended design factor or 20% of catalog strength.

Made in accordance with federal specification RR-W-410 H.

Reference: Wire Rope Users Manual, Page 107, Third Edition © 2007, Wire Rope Technical Board.

More Information: Warnings

Wire Rope 19 X 7 Rotation Resistant